Project presentation

Yushu County, Qinghai Province contemporary waterfront recreation area

Design Department: Technical Department(The project won the first prize of 2015 National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Industry Award, 2015 Qinghai Province Excellent Survey and design II等奖)

    The contemporary waterfront recreation area project of Yushu County, Qinghai Province is located in Jiegu Town, Yushu County, Qinghai Province4.286 Ha, total construction area approx37265.71 Square meters, consisting of five areas,25A single building is composed of three to four floors, and the total number of households138户。The project consists of a commercial pedestrian street composed of shops on the ground floor and residential buildings on the upper level16.00The construction content is the construction of housing and supporting facilities for the affected residents after the Yushu earthquake。

    The project design fully considers the particularity of post-earthquake reconstruction and the local unique regional characteristics, combined with the current situation analysis and research。Planning and discussion with local people,In combination with the resettlement policy of the earthquake-stricken areas, the will of households is locked one by one,Carry out planning and design,This paper explores the utilization of existing resources, the integration of terrain and surrounding environment, the organic combination of residential traffic and spatial pattern, and the shaping of residential characteristics and environmental quality,To create a good living environment for residents。In the modeling design, the traditional Tibetan architecture is refined and simplified, trying to achieve "spirit resemblance", which is not a simple accumulation of traditional architectural symbols, so that the overall image of the architectural complex has both regional style and characteristics of The Times, which not only respects the status quo of local architecture in Yushu, but also has the characteristics of The Times。

      At the same time, the architectural essence of local culture and the essence of Chinese enclosed courtyard are perfectly integrated in the design, showing the unique style of regional architecture and interpreting the elements of living ideal。8The enclosed building courtyard composed of independent residential buildings allows people to enjoy their own relatively independent living garden landscape and create the ideal of living life。Formed a continuous commercial pedestrian street, combined with the commercial street landscape to create a comfortable boutique shopping environment。Make the residential and commercial supporting become an organic whole, and create a good quality of living for residents。


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