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Bidding department

  Company bidding部于In November 2016, Qinghai Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department recognized and approved the establishment (certification No. F263000141), project bidding agency B, andpassedISO9001 quality system certification。Can provide customers with bidding agent, engineering consulting, project management, cost consulting and other all-round multi-field services, with a certain professional operation ability。

  The bidding department has 19 people with college degrees or above, of which 90% are professional and technical personnel, and the professional involves civil construction, consulting cost, engineering technology and so on。With advanced network office system, has an independent office space, office area of nearly 300 square meters, with two dedicated bid evaluation conference rooms。

  公司The bidding department has always insistedThe principles of "openness, fairness and justice" and good faith bidding, in the whole process of project bidding, put the protection of national interests, social public interests and the interests of the parties to the bidding in the first place。

  The pursuit of excellence is the source of steady development of the bidding department, "not seeking the greatest but the strongest" is the company's bidding department's goal。In the future development of the road, will fully integrate the company's technical advantages and brand resources, continue to strengthen the work measures of the bidding department, scientific management, attentively service, for the company's bidding construction to make greater and updated contributions。