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    The engineering surveying and mapping qualification is Class B qualification.Current staff of engineering surveying and Mapping Department5People, professional and technical personnel 5People, relevant technical personnel3People, conventional equipment is complete, two high-level level, three total stations, three global navigation satellite system receivers,SCSG2002Mapping software1Set, own a computer4Table, equipped with plotter, printer, large copier, etc。Our department strictly abides by the relevant laws and regulations of national surveying and mapping and relevant technical regulations to complete the surveying tasks, and has so far excellently completed the surveying project cooperation tasks of multiple units。In the process of work, the strength of the department continues to grow, the technology continues to update, and constantly apply new scientific and technological achievements to improve the measurement accuracy, which provides a strong guarantee for our company to better lead in technology and quality。

    The business scope includes: Engineering measurement: control measurement(Below fourth class。)Topographic survey(1500Scale,15Less than square kilometers;11000Scale,20Less than square kilometers;12000Scale,30Less than square kilometers;Less than15000Scale,60Subsquare kilometer。)Planning survey(Gross floor area30Less than 10,000 square meters;Key state construction projects shall not be undertaken。), construction engineering survey(30Below the floor of the residence, height70mThe following non-residential civil buildings。)Deformation Deformation and precision measurement(Shall not undertake precision engineering measurement。Building area in2Below 10,000 square meters and in height50mThe following buildings。Shall not undertake railway, highway bridge and tunnel and urban rail transit projects。), municipal engineering survey(General roads in large and medium-sized cities and roads in small cities。), hydraulic engineering survey(Medium and small scale water conservancy and hydropower projects。), line and bridge and tunnel survey(200kmFor the following lines, the total length of the porous span is30mThe Bridges below,3kmFollowing tunnel。Shall not undertake railway, highway bridge and tunnel and urban rail transit projects。)Underground pipeline measurement(Pipeline length200km以下。)Mine survey(Mine control area100Subsquare kilometer。);Real estate mapping: cadastral mapping(Cadastral mapping in daily cadastral survey and general cadastral survey below county level。)Real estate mapping(The planning permit contains a single building area5Less than 10,000 square meters;A single object of contract shall not exceed the floor area100Ten thousand square meters。)