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[十大赌博靠谱网络平台] Work hard and make progress! Another architect of the company successfully passed the national first-class registered architect exam

来源: Administration - Editor-in-Chief 发布:April 25th, 2023 查看:

Recently, the results of the 2022 national level registered architect qualification examination were announced, and the company's architectural design and creation centerShen XuetingThe architect successfully passed the exam and obtained the national first-class registered architect qualification certificate, and is the only young female architect who has obtained the first-class registered architect qualification certificate in the company。

Shen Xueting graduated from Xi 'an University of Architecture and Technology in 2015 with a postgraduate degree。It is not easy for lesbians to prepare for the national level of registered architects on the road, not only to raise children under the age of 4, but also to take into account the dual pressure of work and life。You can't give up on something you're committed to,She is persistent in her work,Set learning goals,Make a real effort,Take the same attitude you took in graduate school,Use every minute to study for the test,Show the "line love line, dedicated line fine line" of professionalism,With the registration test results to practice the company's advocacy of "building a learning enterprise" responsibility and requirements。

The National registration qualification examination is the "passport" for the future of enterprises and individuals to achieve high-quality development.。It is hoped that more professional and technical personnel in the company will take the people who have passed the registration qualification examination as an example, coordinate their work and study, strengthen their confidence, and move forward diligently to realize the original intention and dream of the registration qualification examination as soon as possible。