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【十大赌博靠谱网络平台】 Visit exhibition hall Strong party spirit Party history education increase energy | The company organized party members to visit Qinghai Party History Education exhibition hall

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In order to commemorate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Party, further educate and guide the majority of party members to firmly miss the ideal, enhance the party spirit, inherit the red gene, and draw spiritual strength, on the morning of June 21, the company's Party Committee organized all party members and party activists to visit the provincial Party school to visit the Qinghai Party History Education Pavilion。Shen Boli, secretary of the Party Committee of the company, Zou Jiqing, chairman of the company's trade union, and Song Jinge, director of the Party office of the company, participated in the activity。

The Qinghai Party History Education Exhibition Hall is the first educational platform in the province to systematically and comprehensively publicize and display the local Party history of Qinghai, which is an important position to carry forward the red tradition and inherit the red gene。

The exhibition hall is composed of four chapters: "Sowing the fire, lighting the ideal", "Happy liberation, master of the House", "Hard exploration, tortuous development", "Reform and opening up, Determined revival" and "Friendly care" exhibition area,With a large number of precious pictures, documents, videos, objects and scenes,讲述了中国共产党领导青海各族人民进行革命、建设和改革的奋斗史和自身建设史,It shows the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai under the leadership of the Party,Stick to the original mission,The arduous journey of exploring the socialist road for more than 90 years。

During the visit, with the vivid words of the narrator and a large number of precious pictures and pictures and physical materials, everyone seemed to see the struggle of the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai under the leadership of the Party, sticking to the original mission, and difficult to explore the road of socialism。Listen carefully and study carefully,Experience the historical context of Qinghai's revolution, construction, reform and development,A series of old photos bearing historical memories, a piece of historical relics that have gone through the baptism of time,Reflects the glorious history of a political party,It records the glorious moment of a nation,It also deeply infected every visiting party member。

After the visit, in front of the book tablet engraved with the Party oath in the corner of the exhibition hall, facing the bright party flag, the visiting party members and Party activists solemnly swear, review the party oath, truly feel the original heart and mission of the Communist Party, and transform the infinite loyalty to the Party into the work motivation of doing business。

Study ideology, strong party spirit, heavy practice, build new achievements。This visit is a baptism of party spirit, spiritual calcium, ability to charge。Everyone said,要认真学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,Earnestly draw the wisdom and strength to forge ahead from the Party's innovation theory,Be mentally tempered,Expand and improve your skills,Deepen changes in style,Breakthroughs have been made in development,To promote the high-quality development of the company's work and make new contributions。