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[十大赌博靠谱网络平台] | Congratulates 10 employees of the company on successfully passing the national registration qualification examination

来源: Administration - Editor-in-Chief 发布:September 07, 2023 查看:


      Recently, from the 2022 national registration qualification examination of various professional and technical personnel announced by the China Personnel Examination Network, it was learned that the company has 10 employees successfully passed the relevant national registration qualification examination。

Grade I Registered Structural Engineer:

孟  祺(Design three)

Registered Structural Engineer II:

马  斌(Design 2 Institute)

Registered Utility (HVAC) Engineer:

Gao Yanfang(Design a school)  

刘  臻(Design four)

Level I Registered Cost Engineer:

Li Youde(Cost Consulting Department)  

Yao Lijuan(Cost Consulting Department)

Registered Consulting Engineer:

Ma Shuangyi(Cost Consulting Department)

Class I Registered Fire Engineer:

Wang Zhiyuan(Design 2 Institute)

Grade II Registered Builder (Construction Professional) :

周  禹(Design four)  

Kang Zhaohong(Information Center)

      The 10 people who passed the registration examination are the results of their overall work and study, tireless, perseverance, and hard work, and are also the best embodiment of the company's focus on talent training and creating a learning enterprise。在此,The company extends warm congratulations to all employees who successfully passed the registration examination,It is also hoped that more employees will follow their example,Have the courage to pursue dreams on the road of learning,Be good at learning,Enrich and expand theoretical knowledge and practical experience,Continuously improve professional level and business ability,Strive for new achievements in various vocational qualification examinations,Strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development of the company。