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[十大赌博靠谱网络平台] Promote cooperation through mutual learning and exchange, discuss and seek development | company and Tianyou De Qingke Wine Co., Ltd. to carry out joint party building activities

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On September 27, Qinghai Provincial Architectural Survey and Design Research Institute Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to asQinghai Provincial Court), Qinghai Civil and Architectural Society in the sixth floor conference room of Qinghai Provincial Institute and Qinghai Mutual Aid Tianyou De Qingke Wine Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to asGod bless virtueJointly carry out the theme activities of "Mutual learning and mutual promotion of cooperation, exchange and discussion for development" of the Party building joint construction, to empower the development of the company by party building, strengthen communication and exchanges, gather development consensus, and create a new situation of win-win development。

Tian Youde Party Secretary Kong Xiangzhong, marketing center operation project team leader Jiang Baishan, marketing center customized special department Minister Lu Shou, marketing center Xining region group purchase Department Minister Mo Xiaowei, marketing center high-end wine business department group purchase manager Liu Yongqiang, marketing center high-end wine business Department group purchase manager Zhao Shilin,Shen Boli, Secretary of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee and Secretary General of Qinghai Civil and Architectural Society,Yu Junjiang, Director of Operations, and Shao Weiliang, secretary of the first Branch, participated in the theme activity。The event was presided over by Song Jinge, director of the Party Office of Qinghai Provincial Academy and director of the Office of Qinghai Civil and Architectural Society。

Event in progress,The three parties introduced the leaders attending the meeting,Shen Boli, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qinghai Provincial Council and Secretary General of Qinghai Civil and Architectural Society, first welcomed the arrival of Tianyoude leaders,他说,Tianyoude is one of the top 50 enterprises in Qinghai,In the 1980s, he participated in the plant construction of Tianyoude,Then use PPT presentation mode,The basic situation of the company and the society is introduced from the aspects of company scale, design projects and social honors。Tianyou De played the company's brand publicity video and party building publicity video, Party secretary Kong Xiangzhong told the development process of Tianyou de Qingke wine, shared the experience of party building work, and the two sides exchanged and discussed the in-depth development of the next step of party building joint work。

Party building leads synergy, and cooperation and development add impetus。At the meeting, the three parties also focused on the current market situation, combined with the actual work, spoke freely and pooled wisdom to deepen mutual understanding。It is hoped to deepen mutual cooperation in Party class learning, party member activities, social responsibility and other aspects, and take the Party building joint construction activities as an opportunity to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between enterprises。