Project presentation

Xining 21st Middle School

Design Department: Design 1The project won the 2015 Qinghai Province excellent survey and design one等奖)


Xining 21st Middle School was founded in1965Formerly known as Xigang Children's School,20119Month completed, project scale4.0Ten thousand square meters, total investment1.3100 million yuan, land130Mu, total60A teaching class, is a 12-year system school。The school is located in the north of the city main road Qaidam Road, the east of the city planning Road, the south and west of the Xigang residential area, overlooking the Huangshui River, the traffic is very convenient and the east, south and west of the land are quiet。

The main entrance of the campus is located at the south end, and the entrance is wide24Meter, traffic flow set9The meter-wide independent entrance, away from the main road of the city, enters the square in front of the school through the main entrance of the campus. The office area is arranged on the east side of the square near the planning road, the teaching area is arranged on the west side of the square in the quietest area, and the restaurant and dormitory are arranged in the northwest corner.400The rice sports ground is arranged in the northeast corner of the land, near the main road of the city。The plan adopts a concentrated and compact functional layout structure, connecting the teaching, living and sports areas with a simple triangular space, minimizing the walking distance between teachers and students, and connecting the three parts organically through theme squares of different sizes, greening and lake。In the creation of the school, the architect combined with the school's ideas and concepts, confirmed the "simple emblem" architectural style and the "Suzhou" garden landscape design ideas, through repeated argumentation, discussion and revision of the design ideas, it took one year to complete the new school's architectural design scheme and construction drawing design。

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